Advantages of Ponds and Fountains on the Workplace Grounds

When a business owner looks for ways to boost employee satisfaction, making the work environment more pleasant may be a possibility. Research shows that windows are helpful for improving mood because of natural light. Windows that look out over a park-like setting are especially advantageous. Some business owners can have a pond constructed on the property and include kasco fountains for additional beauty. Those fountains provide aeration to the pond in addition to the scenic enhancement.

During warm, sunny weather, a pond setting is a relaxing place where employees can eat lunch and take coffee breaks. When the weather is inclement, these workers can still view the area from a lunch room or other parts of the building. The company might spring for some picnic tables and even have a walking trail constructed around the grounds. Flower gardens create a lovely scene and they benefit from the spray from the fountain. Especially when people are seated outside on a nice day, they may be more likely to socialize and get to know co-workers they haven’t talked with much yet. Business owners are happy to find that their employees even hang around the grounds after their shift ends, as they feel entirely comfortable there. It’s a fine place for company picnics and other fun events.

With a fountain from a supplier such as Living Water Aeration, property owners can easily prevent algae buildup that typically occurs when water becomes stagnant. Water becomes stagnant if it isn’t recirculated or otherwise kept moving to a certain extent. The fountain also deters mosquitoes from laying eggs in still water. A still pond in this type of setting is not very appealing to the employees.

Ponds and fountains bring a special quality to employment settings, and these features are appreciated by the workers. Water streaming from a fountain has aesthetic qualities in addition to those that are visual. People enjoy the sound of the water; research has confirmed that this sound is soothing and reduces stress. Anyone who is experiencing a tough day at work may want to spend a little time outside by the pond and let the stress dissipate in response to the serene setting.