Wedge Doorstops Are Not Just for Doors

Simple wedge doorstops have many more uses than just holding open doors, or keeping them closed. They perform that function perfectly, keeping environments safe for children, making moving furniture easier, and preventing doors from slamming due to breezes. Smaller ones are ideal for light interior doors, but can also be used for craft projects, plant pot holders, and keeping cupboards organized. They are cost-effective, easy to hold, and can be painted, have embellishments glued onto them, or hung on walls. Decorating doorstops with the kids and hanging them outside on the patio wall can be fun. The activity will also help develop hand-eye coordination, encourage the imagination, and increase artistic and expressive skills.

Setting stops under pots will keep them in place, provide proper drainage, and reduce the likelihood of pets knocking them over. They will also reduce cleanup when watering the house plants in the sink. The biggest problem with keeping cupboards organized is items shifting when other things are removed. Thin and low wedges will prevent utensil trays from sliding up against the larger utensils placed in the back of the drawer. How many times has that resulted in taking everything out of the drawer because a serving spoon is stuck? Definitely enough times to frustrate the cook. Boxes of cereal fall over, cookbooks slide down when one is removed from the shelf, and pots and pans move out of reach toward the back of the cabinet under the counter. Strategically placed doorstops can eliminate those situations.

Large wedge doorstops that are wider, longer, and higher than average ones have dozens of uses. They can be used to keep lower kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors tightly closed. They are high enough to lodge between the floor and the bottom of the cabinet door to keep children and pets away from cleaning supplies. Old windows that will not stay open can be held up with a heavy-duty wedge made from Superiormaker or another manufacturer. They are rubber so they will not slide out of the way causing the window to slam shut and break. The size also makes them useful for keeping tools upright in the garage, aiming speakers out the window or toward the ceiling for better acoustics, and holding large planters level in uneven soil or steps. Get creative and find your own uses for the common doorstop.