Know More About Solar Landscape Lighting

Your outdoor décor doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting can improve the elegance and sophistication of your home, not to mention the safety benefits it has.

One way you can save money and improve your ROI is with solar landscape lighting. Not only does solar landscape lighting save you money, but it’s also eco-friendly. From solar path lights to solar spot lights, you can find a landscape lighting option for your budget. See a few ideas you can use to boost your curb appeal with outdoor solar lights.

Are you ready to improve your landscaping with outdoor solar lighting? Some complex systems may need an expert to install. Contact an solar pro today for up to four quotes from contractors near you for free.

Why Choose Solar Power?

The latest innovations in solar power make it possible for you to add lighting virtually anywhere indoors and out, without increasing your electrical bill. Many homeowners are turning to solar power for their landscape lighting needs, as they are typically easy to install and the best way to harness the sun’s rays. Solar power lighting has a high ROI that will be good for your wallet now and when it’s time to sell.

Solar power not only helps your wallet but it also helps the earth. By choosing to use solar power, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint and helping to conserve resources. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the solar industry projects have doubled in 2016 and expected to triple by 2022.  With the popularity of green homebuilding, outdoor solar lights might be just what you need to get your home up-to-date.

Solar Spot Lights

Of all the solar landscape lighting choices, spot lights will bring the most light and attention to a particular landscaping feature in your yard. Solar spot lights can also help deter intruders and be either placed into the ground with a stake or simply sit on top of the grass, with the light pointing at the feature you’d like to highlight.

Solar Fairy Lights

One of the latest trends in outdoor lighting is solar fairy lights. These little lights resemble string lights but are on a thin, flexible wire and don’t hang like other outdoor lights. They are perfect to wrap around trees, decking posts or pots. Most solar fairy lights are LED lights, so they have a long lifespan. When looking for outdoor solar fairy light, you’ll want to be sure they are waterproof so they won’t get damaged by the rain.

Outdoor Solar String Lights

For your deck or patio, outdoor solar string lights will help the party last into the evening. Globe and Edison style string lights are especially popular right now in backyard entertaining. Because solar string lights don’t need to be plugged into an electrical source, they can be hung almost anywhere in your yard. From decking to tree decor, you can get creative with your string outdoor solar lights.

Solar Path Lights

One of the most popular choices in solar landscape lighting is path lights. Not only are these a perfect addition to your pathway, but they increase the safety of your yard at night. There are many different varieties of solar path lights you can choose from. Most have a stake at the bottom so you can insert them directly into the ground, no wires needed. Here are a few popular styles of solar path lights:

  • Lantern Path Lights: Light with solar panels that hang from a small hook.
  • Pagoda Path Lights: The lights sit upon a steak with tiers of material around the source to illuminate evenly.
  • Block Path Lights: The light is in the body of the fixture. Great for a stylish touch near driveways or steps.
  • Mushroom Path Lights: The light is at the top of the steak with a shield over the top to help illuminate farther.
  • Faux Rock Path Lights: These lights are designed with the faux rock around the bulb